Thank you for contacting us with regards to our shipping service.

We are a Perth based company and been in business for over 5 years importing from Indonesia for our family Business Peacock Home & Outdoor.




  • Choose your goods from the shop
  • Get an invoice or quote with the exact description and price of the goods, noting colour, size, code, and any other information the cargo will need on the invoice.   
  • Pay a deposit (usually 30%) to the shop if you are purchasing goods off the shop floor, or by order and get a finish date. Ask for a receipt for the money paid     
  • On the invoice the following will need to be written
  • Peacock Home & Outdoor
  • Your name & Surname
  • Nusa Trans Cargo
  • Our freight company will pick up your goods from the shop.  
  • Drop your invoices and the balance of your payment for the goods to: Legian Branch of Nusa Trans. If you are unable to drop your invoice off to Nusa Trans please contact us and we will assist you
  • Ask for a receipt for your money (at Nusa Trans) and don’t forget to fill out the contact form so we can contact you when the goods arrive. Email address, phone number, physical address etc. – we will contact you to confirm details and fill out a form
  • If you are shopping online for your goods please contact us and we will be able to assist you




Jl. Teuku Umar Barat - Denpasar. (Jalan Marlboro)

Bali – Indonesia

(opposite Suzuki)

Phone : + 62 361 8466741,

Please Note - All offices are closed Sundays


Please Note: the container only leaves when it is full. So you slot into the next available. It may take a while to fill the container, depending on the time of year.







The charge for shipping is $540 per cubic metre, plus GST on the goods and the freight.

If you are a business customer, and will be shipping regularly, you will be entitled to a reduced rate. Please contact us directly for this.

We can ship to other States, please contact for details.

Extras are – Delivery to country area, delivery to another State.

Export fees apply to some items, listed below.


Please Note:

- these prices are subject to change as they are linked to the $US. Freighting with our company indicates acceptance of any changes.

- There is a 10% surcharge for heavy items that require crating, or are over 70kg.  Boxes heavier than 25kg will need a frame, so may be repacked into separate boxes 

 - Customs will charge GST of 10% on the value of your goods. This is not negotiable as it is applied automatically when the goods enter the country. 

 - goods remain the property of Peacock Home & Outdoor until freight is paid in full.


50% deposit is required a week after the container leaves and the remainder 50% freight is payable before your goods arrive in Australia. We will send an invoice for freight immediately your goods leave Bali.

Storage fees are applicable if goods are not picked up within 5 working days of your goods becoming available for delivery/pickup.

Please let us know if you would like to pick up or delivery. Pickup is from the following location

  • Maddington - free to pick up within the first 4 days after that a per day fee will be charge

Please Note – if your items are picked up after the first 4 days, the holding fee must be paid prior to picking up your items.

We cover the cost of Logistics' to unpack the container and sort your items. If you require assistance from eg: need a fork lift to pick your items ups, you may be charged by the Logistics company as it is up to you have everything you need to pick up your items  









There are export fees on some items, such as gazebos, building materials, gazebos, volcanic stone, and shell when they leave Indonesia. This is an Indonesian Govt tax.


If we have items that attract an export fee, the charge is per shipment, so we will attempt to put all the items under that charge together in the one container to minimise costs. This is not always possible, however.  


Please Note - if you are getting other quotes for freight, remember the following:    


There are many shops in Bali offering to send goods to Australia, with a cheap cubic rate. However this may mean they send your goods to the port of your Capital city LCL “as less than a container load” and you will pay extra charges at the Australian end i.e. port charges, quarantine, customs brokerage as the charges are only until the ship docks.    


The quote they are giving you is only for the freight - not any of the costs involved in getting the goods into Australia. If you send goods with another cargo company, I can’t help you once the goods have left Bali, or once you have paid your freight at the Bali end. If unsure just ring me anytime.     



As of 1 December 2023, we are now offering services above what our shipping services offer. This includes but not limited to:

  • Speaking with your suppliers to assist you on getting your items.
  • Filling out the necessary paperwork to have items on board that is not in contract with what we have.
  • Cross referencing packing lists with your supplier as well as sourcing your invoices
  • Once your items arrive at logistics having them shipped on to the destination (this is subject to certain containers) this includes consolidation of your items, weights and measurements (this is a new charge that has been added by the logistics company)

We do have access to couriering companies to have tour items delivered to your door, this is not included in the shipping fee and is a separate fee and you will need to contact us if you would like our assistance with this.

This is charge at a minimum for this service is $30.00 per hour and will be invoiced at the time of the service is used.

We are always happy to help 😊





  • Banana leaf,
  • Alang Alang
  • thatching (i.e. gazebos)

If any other above items are in the sent to Cargo these will be taken out and we advise you


Note: Please don’t buy anything with untreated skin, fur, hide, feathers without checking first if they are under AQIS restrictions. These goods may require inspection by quarantine, so any goods made from these materials may incur a Quarantine charge at Australia warehouse. I would advise not to buy goods with feathers, as they are subject to seizure by Quarantine and you will be liable for the costs of this, as well as destruction.


If you are buying wooden furniture, please ask the shop to leave the underside unvarnished or painted so that the fumigation can penetrate the wood. If a cabinet, leave the inside clear for the same reason.







As we are the shipper for you, all care will be taken with packing and unpacking, however we don’t take responsibility for breakages that are the result of poor handling at the Bali or Australian end. We have never had a problem with this and don’t expect to as we use a reputable shipping company at both ends with all the licences required.

We also do not take responsibility for the quality, if it not made to your requirements, the color is incorrect etc…… If you’re unhappy with your item/s you will need to take this up with the place you purchased the item/s from as we only are shipping the item on your behalf


We have insurance if the whole container is lost at sea.    





We can offer shopping tours if needed - Our shopping trips are run by my agent in Bali.  Eka guides and her husband drives.  She is an experienced shopper and does all my sourcing for me for overseas buyers. She will translate, help you with working out cubic etc and is invaluable in that regard as she has 20 years shipping experience.  Eka also supervises the packing of the container to make sure maximum use is made of the available space for your goods.


The cost for this service is 700,000rp for the day (half day is also available). Driver and Guide.

Eka’s Details are

Eka – 0878 6060 7825

FB – Bali Living Homewares & Shopping Tours   


Note: there is no obligation to buy anything and you can purchase at other stores for shipping. You don’t have to use our driver.





Think about how much space your goods will take up when you buy them. i.e. buy knockdown tables or ask if it can be made knockdown.    


As we consolidate goods in the container you only pay for the space taken. So if you buy a day bed which may be 2m x 1m x 1.2m you may only be charged for a percentage of that as we can pack things under, around and on top of your goods, making maximum use of the space.  More often customers are surprised at how little space they use.    


Always ask for discount at the shop, but don’t be offended if you don’t get one. If you are buying a lot or there are several people buying at the same shop, you may get a cheaper price.